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ცენტრალური და ორი გარშემო დინამიკით შემდგარი კომპლექტი, რომლებიც იდეალურად გადმოსცემენ HD ხარისხის ფილებისა და მუსიკის ბგერებს

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Two surround speakers and one centre speaker deliver the high sound quality you expect from Yamaha speakers. All have 2-way acoustic suspension designs with one (surround) or two (centre) 8cm cones and a 1.4cm balanced dome.

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საბვუფერი Yamaha YST-SW030

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2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speaker System.

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Designed for beautifully natural sound in the tradition of Yamaha’s premier speaker range, the NS-C500 produces transparent and deep sound qualities with tight bass and a sense of rich detail and warmth.

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The three-speaker complement of the NS-P60 includes a pair of two-way acoustic suspension surround speakers and a two-way acoustic suspension center channel speaker

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ტექნოლოგიის მაღალი სტანდარტი , სუბვუფერში NS-SW300 

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NS-F150 PE

This elegant, high performance speaker is ideal for HD movies and music. The impressive cabinet houses a 2-way, 3-speaker configuration and delivers natural sound with powerful bass output. Matches the NS-P150 speaker package (center and surrounds).

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NS-F51 (2ცალი)

NS-F51 , 2-Way Bass-Reflex Speaker System, is an Ideal Speaker for Individual or Package Sales with High Quality Home Cinema Amplifiers and Receivers.  

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მისი ოთხი დრაივერი სრულად ფარავს სიხშირის დიაპაზონს,  ხოლო  სამ პოზიციად განთავსებული ორმაგი (8" დიუმიანი) კონუსური სიტემა  უზრუნველყოფს  ხმის მაღალ  ხარისხს.

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Including a DAB/DAB+ tuner for digital broadcasts, Network compatible system that greatly expands audio enjoyment. Playback high resolution sound sources, this HiFi system combines elegant design with high quality sound.

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3-Way Bass-Reflex Tower Speaker System. The EF (Elliptical Form) Series feature Waveguide horns, PMD (Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) woofers and highest quality internal Monster Cable wiring for total enjoyment of digital movie sound and music sources, plus elegant Yamaha traditional piano finish cabinets.

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ტექნოლოგიის მაღალი სტანდარტი , სუბვუფერში NS-SW500

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Powerful 270W Subwoofer with Advanced Technology for Top Class Sound Quality.

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New shape subwoofer with Yamaha's latest technologies, including Advanced YST II, Linear Port and down-firing design plus best matching for front surround systems and micro component systems.

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New shape subwoofers with Yamaha's latest technologies, including Advanced YST II, Linear Port and down-firing design plus best matching for front surround systems and micro component systems

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High Performance Subwoofer Features Advanced YST II and New "Half Pipe" Port with Slim Design to Match Plasma Displays and Flat TVs.

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Enhance your home with the NS-C444 high performance home theater speaker.

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Introducing Yamaha’s completely and beautifully evolved new subwoofer. With a gentle curve in the front and piano black finish the unit has a beautiful appearance. But the beauty of this subwoofer goes beyond that. It offers clear bass sound produced by the Twisted Flare Port, a new Yamaha technology. Superior convenience allows easy operation using the front buttons, which are laid out diagonally.

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5.1-channel speaker system compatible with HD audio sources

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ბგერა ყოველგვარი დანაკარგის გარეშე !

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Soavo სერიის თაროს დინამიკი

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ცენტრალური დინამიკი Soavo -ს სერიიდან