Absolute Hybrid Maple

The answer to the question is drums that give you the sound you need, whenever you need it.Tonal requirements vary among drummers, differ with dynamics, and change, from band to band, song to song, moment to moment. 

2000 d


Gigmaker drum sets are available in two basic configurations and a range of colorful sparkle finishes that you can choose to match your musical and visual style. These high-value sets come with a matching snare drum and Yamaha double-braced hardware, as well as matching wood hoops for the bass drum.

4250 d

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

არყის ხისგან დამზადებული პროფესიონალური დრამის კომპლექტი 

2250 d


აკუსტიკური დრამის ახალი მოდელი ჩვენს შოურუმში 🆕 RYDEEN