V3SKA 3/4

950 d

საუკეთესო არჩევანი დამწყები მევიოლინეებისთვის

High quality fittings

Chin rest, pegs and finger board are all made from ebony offering performance that is a step up from instruments in the same range.

Carefully crafted by hand

Our scale-size violins are crafted and finished by hand to provide young musicians with a quality without compromise instrument to start out on. These violins use original designs that deliver excellent cost performance and outstanding reliability, which along with their superior quality offers parents peace of mind.

Easy tuning for beginners with tailpiece adjusters

Tuning for beginners can be a frustrating experience, so to make tuning as easy as possible, the tailpieces incorporate Wittner adjusters on all strings that make fine adjustments to pitch easy.

Sets include lightweight case, bow and rosin

Sets include everything the beginner needs. Cases are made of lightweight materials and incl